I can’t believe that today is LifeWorks birthday!

In today’s episode, I first get a little sentimental about this past year and what it's done for me and my biz and then share with you the #1 podcasting lesson that will you get better results in your business.

And then.

I launch a huge birthday celebration giftaway: for *6 days* I’m giving away a gift for EVERY LifeWorks resource you choose to invest in.

Here is the breakdown:

Until Sunday, Dec 4, 2022:

When you invest in yourself with…

— the all-new R&R mini, you get one month of LifeWorks Empowered, free. ($34 value)

— the original Revamp & Recenter, you get one month of LifeWorks Empowered + the Time Blocking Kit, free. ($169 value)

— a LifeWorks Empowered membership, you get immediate access to the Founding Members’ Vault, free. ($997 value)

— the complete Time Blocking Kit, you get 25% off with coupon code BDAYGIFT.

— a reservation on the podcast bootcamp waitlist, you get a 1:1 consult call with me, free. (Redeemable when you enroll in the bootcamp — $375 value)

PLUS every gift you get comes along with a raffle entry to win (actually useful) LifeWorks swag.

PLUS for every screenshot you send in of your post on social media or networking groups sharing about LifeWorks, you get another raffle entry.

AND there’s one more way to get gifted, but you have to listen to the episode to get the code for that one :)

If you've been eyeing any of my offers or considering upleveling your productivity or work-life balance… NOW is the time.

ALL these offers expire Sunday, Dec 4, 2022.

I’d love to hear from you.

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